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Apple rolled out its 5.0.1 version of iOS, and one well-known iPhone hacker has noticed that the update allows Siri to be installed onto older Apple phones legally. Rejoice! "MuscleNerd, a prominent figure in the jailbreaking and hacking community, recently tweeted that the iOS 5.0.1 update from today features decrypted ramdisks, making it possible to extract the necessary files for a Siri port without infringing on Apple’s copyright," according to Cult of Mac. Those newly decrypted files mean that hackers can legally get Siri up and running on older iPhones (and PC, according to SlashGear) without breaking copyright law. We've known that illegal Siri hacks were out there before today's announcement, but Siri engineers have indicated in the past that they have "no plans to support older devices." Though it's unclear why Apple would leave such a legal loophole open, SlashGear wonders if we should be excited at all in the first place. "Now one must once again address the idea that since Siri was available BEFORE the iPhone 4S came out, Apple has some sort of magic effect on the public: you didn’t want it until Apple said you couldn’t have it."

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