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Facebook's in a legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg--not the founder and CEO of the social network or  Mark Zuckerberg the attorney, but Mark Zuckerberg, but the co-founder of the Likestore. Unlike the lawyer who had trouble registering his given name on Facebook, this last Mark Zuckerberg was not born with name Mark Zuckerberg; earlier this month he legally changed it from Rotem Guez to Mark Zuckerberg after his fight with Facebook over the word like and the thumbs up symbol escalated. 

Guez-now-Zuckerberg is a 32-year-old Israeli entrepreneur, trying to get Facebook off of his back for his "Likestore," which sells "likes" to companies. Facebook has a penchant for suing companies that infringe on its trademarks. But this time the social network points out that selling "likes" infringes on its Terms of Service. Guez had sued Facebook last January when Facebook's Israel affiliate Nana10 MASA refused to return his hacked account without reason. Facebook counter-sued in September. On December 14 Guez became Zuckerberg, claiming the Jewish last name had already been in his family.

Now Guez is Mark Zuckerberg. And Facebook is in a sue-off with Mark Zuckerberg. Clearly using this to get publicity and, in a dubious strategem, convince Facebook to lay off, the new Zuck is playing up the name change. He has claimed the Twitter handle "I'm Mark Zuckerberg," where he Tweets out the promotional materials he has created for his persona, including parodied phone calls of people mistaking him for the famous Mark Zuckerberg.

We gave that number a try and it really does lead to the voicemail of an Israeli accented man named "Mark Zuckerberg" speaking English. We left a message. 

To further prove and promote his Zuckness, the imposter has posted photos of his new passport on his website "" along with the mundane video of him officiating the name and passport change. He's hoping that Facebook wouldn't want to sue Mark Zuckerberg. But now that the Internet knows all about this Mark Zuckerberg, we're not sure it will be an issue for a company that gets pretty lawsuit happy.

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