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AllThingsD's scoop machines Liz Gannes and Kara Swisher just published the details of a massive corporate re-structuring at Facebook, naming the five heads of new product teams. In no particular order, the new czars are:

  1. Brett Taylor, Facebook's chief technology officer, will run "Mobile and Platform"
  2. Chris Cox, veteran product guy and reggae music fan, will handle "Communication and Apps"
  3. Greg Badros, a former Googler, will be in charge of "Monetization"
  4. Mike Schroepfer, Facebook's long-time vice president of engineering, will take over the "Infrastructure" team
  5. Sam Lessin, the newly acqhired mastermind behind the Timeline who once lived near Mark Zuckerberg in Harvard's Kirkland House, will take care of "Privacy and Identity."

Gannes and Swisher sound duly proud for beating Facebook's press team in announcing the changes:

Facebook seems to be trying to get the most out of every last second it has as a private company, not revealing important bits of information. That includes which person is assigned to which product area, and even what those product areas are.

If Facebook PR wants to get all cryptic about it, that won’t stop! (We’re like the War Operations Plan Response (W.O.P.R.) computer in "WarGames" -- soon we’ll have all the launch code numbers and let loose the missiles.)

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