Siri Is Already Having Problems

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Facing its greatest technological non-crisis since the BlackBerry network outage of '11, America is currently grappling with an apparent Siri outage. Users began reporting on Twitter and the blogosphere today that Siri would respond to requests only with the message, "Sorry, I am having trouble connecting to the network." Siri, Apple's saucy new voice-controlled service on the iPhone 4S, has been wowing reviewers and users alike, but as TechCrunch's Sarah Perez points out, it's still in Beta mode, meaning a few glitches here and there aren't surprising. That doesn't mean we should let Apple off the hook today,  Perez writes:

When Apple promotes Siri as one of the best and OMG-gotta-have-it new features of its latest device through its cloying new TV ads  it’s worth noticing when the service doesn't quite deliver as promised.

Expect numerous complaints to come through your Twitter feed until this problem is resolved. After all, if you can't trust your phone to reliably send your dictated text messages for you, what's the point of having a phone at all? 

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