Apple Tries Putting the Kibosh on Union Attempt

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Like many other businesses, Apple is taking advantage a work force fearful of its losing employment in a shaky economy --  and it seems as if it is not about to let a union get in the way of that.

After a group of disgruntled employees attempted to form a workers' union of sorts, Apple is apparently requiring special new training for store managers, according to a leaked memo CNET's Josh Lowensohn got a hold of. "This course is intended to provide managers with a practical understanding of how unions affect the workplace, how and why employees organize, and the legal do's and don'ts of dealing with unions," the training description reads, writes Lowensohn.

Managers at Apple retails apparently went through a class during which they were versed in the company's stance on unions. The training comes as a response, it seems, to The Apple Retail Union, a group of organized workers who complained of "unfair treatment" and "poor compensation." The complaints don't sound all that much different from those of Target, Amazon and BlackBerry workers we heard about earlier this year. The one difference? The Apple workers decided to do something about it. After sending out a statement, the Apple Retail Union has started up a pretty active Twitter account that suggests ways to handle selling Apple's wares. 

The Atlantic Wire tried to contact a few Apple retail managers to get the low-down. One of them gave us the old I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about response before directing us to corporate, which has yet to comment on the matter.

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