The Winklevoss Twins Racked Up $13 Million in Legal Fees

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Everyone's favorite pair of litigious Harvard twins, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, have has yet another lawsuit dismissed in court. This time it wasn't against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg, who the twins squeezed for a $65 million settlement in their initial lawsuit before a second, unsuccessful claim in court. No, this time they were suing the law firm they used for their original claims against Zuckerburg for malpractice that included disclosing that $65 million settlement figure in marketing materials, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And with the loss, we learn that the brothers will have to pony up $13 million in legal fees, or 20 percent of their original court winnings. This is the first indication of how much the Winklevii spent on lawyers in their short lives so far--a figure that surely gotten high with each additional unsuccessful lawsuit levied by the brothers. But don't fret for the Winklevii too much: they've already found some other income streams.

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