What's Happening Inside Those Shrouded Apple Stores?

As they are wont to do with just about everything, Apple is being incredibly secretive about how they're paying tribute to Steve Jobs. On Tuesday, an Apple employee leaked the news to Reuters that the stores would be closing for three hours during a worldwide "celebration of Steve Jobs' life" at their Cupertino, California headquarters. The company did release any official word about what was going on, but ABC News reports that "employees will be able to watch video of it on a live webcast" and "the event is closed to the public and the news media." For the non-Apple employees, there's a stream of comments from around the world that's taken over the company's website under the bold headline: "Remembering Steve." So if Apple is celebrating and the public is remembering, isn't anybody actually mourning--you know, the normal thing to do when someone dies?

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