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Free apps haven't appeased BlackBerry users, who are now seeking a class action lawsuit against Research in Motion, asking for around to be paid $1.25 to each angry customer.  RIM offered $100 in reparations apps, but unsatisfied American and Canadian BBM-ers have filed separate suits, asking the BlackBerry maker for cash-monies, reports The Financial Post's Jameson Berkow. The complaint asks BlackBerry for a refund for lost data time during the outage. For the particular Canadian who filed the suit, the two days loss comes out to about $1.25 (Canadian!). The plaintiff calculated this value reasoning that a month of data costs $25 for him and that he lost service for one and a half of those days. His math: $25 for his monthly data plan / 30 days x 1.5 days. That seems like a teeny tiny amount of money, what can someone get with that kind of money?

The way the suit works, each person will receive a different amount from BlackBerry based on data plan and time lost. For example, someone with a Verizon Wireless $30 plan who lost 2 days would gain 2 whole dollars instead of $1.25, with that you could get two whole packs of joke gum. 

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