A Walk Down Razr Memory Lane

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Motorola's bringing the Razr back. Remember the Razr? The flip phone that out-slimmed and out fashioned all those other bricks. They were so fly for a good four years in the aughts. All the cool kids had them until smartphones came along. They then became signs of late adopters, or even worse: technophobes with no fashion sense. But at one time really trendy tech users made these sliver phones popular and Motorola hopes it can tap some of that nostalgia to capture the fingers of the trendy again. Let's take a look at what exactly captured made the Razr so lovable. 

The first Razr hit the market in July 2004. With its high price tag ($600!) and sleek facade, it was called a "fashion phone," at least by CNET's Kent German in a 2005 post. He refered to the first gen Razr as "supersleek," and "fashion-friendly." "Sure, it has a few quirks," German wrote, "but the Razr is--and always has been--all about its striking style." It was so thin and so sleek and had cool glow in the dark buttons--you could even add cute little charms. It also came in pretty colors like matte black and pink and Dolce and Gabbana even made one for the haute crowd. It really was cool looking.

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Once Motorola had gotten fashionistas on board, it targeted the peons, lowering the price. They sold 50 million units by July 2006, reported Engadget. As other phones caught up, trying to keep with the trends, Motorola also introduced the Krzr in September 2006. The Krzr targeted people who wanted even less phones in their pockets. And as things took off Motorola ran a spin off of Razr 2 in 2007, which didn't exactly have the same flat look as the OG Razr, and kind of looked like other flip-phones on the market. 

While the Razr looked pretty, it didn't have the best performance track record. Users reported it as slow, especially with text messaging. It also could go through some gnarly damage. 

And then a cooler looking phone came around that had better performance: The iPhone. BlackBerrys had functionality, but iPhones had that plus fashion. In 2008 the iPhone ousted the Razr has the best selling phone of all time, reported PCWorld. 

But now its the Razrs turn to take back the crown. Its new offering is the thinnest smart phone ever, its fast and does all the smart things you could ever want. And like your trusty old Razr, it's also kind of pretty, too. 

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