Today's Delightful Flight Video

An owl swoops in on its prey, at 1000 frames per second. Here is the 15-second close-up version.

More dramatic full minute-long version of the owl's approach here:

Via Vurtrunner on YouTube, and, and thanks to my friend EF in Tokyo. This is reminiscent of how it feels when you "flare" before landing a plane, but Oh so much more elegant. These videos also remind you that owls are cats that happen to have wings*. And that it's a good thing they are not much bigger than their real size.

On to policy soon.

*Update: And thanks to various Chinese friends for the reminder that the Chinese word for owl, maotouying, is written 猫头鹰. Which character-by-character is "cat head eagle," or more vividly "cat-faced eagle." Long before slo-mo they got the point.