There Are Other Cool Things Siri Can Do

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Siri is a pretty neat personal assistant is, but some have taken her to the next level, connecting the bot to other devices and making life just that much easier. She makes appointments, she sends text messages, she even has witty responses, but that just wasn't enough for some iPhone users. Instead of relying on her for the usual Siri tasks, a few have used her AI capabilities for other tasks. For instance, ad agency Red Pepper has rigged Siri to open a beer. And another has rigged her to open his locked door. Siri can do some magical things, if you let her.

Connected to an RC truck that's hooked up to the Twitter account @Biribot, Siri can pour a beer for you. The car is outfitted with an arduino device that filters the @Biribot account for the term "pour." After asking Siri to pour a beer with the command "text tweet Beeri," she texts "pour" to the Twitter account, which gets the car going. Then, the magic happens.

It's a complicated and messy way to open a beer, but for the truly lazy, it works.

For the more absent minded, using the same arduino technology, Laan Labs, which develops apps for smartphones, outfitted Siri to unlock a door. The dude tells his door to open and then it unlocks. 

It takes a bit of handiwork on the lock end, as the video shows, but it's worth it for chronic key losers. 

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