NYPD's Pepper Spray Cop Docked 10 Vacation Days

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Remember the New York Police Department deputy inspector caught on video pepper spraying calm-looking protesters a week into Occupy Wall Street? Well the department investigated him and found he did, in fact, break its rules on the use of pepper spray, according to the Associated Press, which talked to a "person with knowledge of the investigation" on Tuesday. Both the AP and NBC reported Bologna had been docked 10 vacation days. That's a pretty far cry from the repercussions at least one of the pepper-sprayed protesters was suggesting.  Kaylee Dedrick, a 24-year-old teacher's aid from Manhattan who was one of the women Bologna sprayed while they were penned in behind orange netting, had an interview with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office on Monday, the New York Post reported, and is pushing for misdemeanor assault charges. "I would like for him to get reprimanded, the way he should be reprimanded," she told the Post afterward. It doesn't sound like she was talking about vacation days.

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