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Colombian blogger Carlos Andres Jimenez got ahold of an released video tour of Gmail's redesign, and it looks awesome. We believe it's legit because Google user experience Jason Cornwell walks through the cleaner new design which more or less matches the sneak peek of the not-yet-finished redesign that Cornwall blogged about in July. However, there are a few unexpected features that borrow some of the better ideas from the fated Google Wave.

Conversations have been redesigned "to improve readability and feel more like a real conversation." Notice the new, very Google Wave-y People box on the right that shows who's participating in the email thread. Bet you a nickel it's all tied into Google+.

This shows a different view. It looks like it will be faster and easier to scan.

The design will also adjust to fit whatever window size you're working in.

There's also a new option to tweak the "Display Density" of your inbox

The new themes are also richer, prettier, hipper.

The kicker is a new super search that gives you more options to drill down into what you're specifically looking for. There's also the option to create a filter directly from the search box.

If Google hasn't pulled it off of YouTube yet, check out the new design in action.

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