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On Tuesday morning, Kara Swisher, AllThingsD's scooperstar, arrived in Hong Kong suffering from a "mini stroke" but did not stop blogging. She had flown there for the AsiaD conference and in a post up at AllThingsD, Swisher details what exactly happened. "So I went to AsiaD in Hong Kong and all I got was this lousy transient ischemic attack," she writes. That sounds pretty scary, but Swisher claims it was just a "mini stroke," which does not make it sound any better.  Still, she's handling it like it's no big thing. "I’m doing great, have recovered all functions completely, and have even had a couple of scoops while bedridden." Yes, you read right: Swisher is unbelievably blogging from her hospital bed, officially making her the most hard core blogger ever.

We took a look at what she posted during her medical emergency. She announced on Twitter her departure for Hong Kong for the conference on Twitter on October 16. Her posts suggests that shortly after her arrival, on Tuesday morning October 18 (Monday night EST), she headed to the hospital. "What I thought was jet lag and a bad migraine actually rendered me speechless for a few hours on Tuesday morning," she explains. After that time, her archives show two posts from the 17th and three from the18th alone, including a scoop about Groupon's IPO plans

Swisher's also tweeting up a storm. There's a noticeable lull on the 17th and 18th -- accounting for her flight time and mini-stroke, presumably -- but after that she picks right up again. She even gives us this glimpse into her motivation. "Only way you get through it. As said by Oliver Wendell Holmes: Life is a fatal complaint, and an eminently contagious one."

And, she claims she will keep on trucking as the conference continues. As you can see from the video she made -- yeah, she did that, too -- she has all her blogger tools at her bedside. Now that's dedication. 

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