How to Watch Apple's Big iPhone Announcement

The event will not be livestreamed, but the rush of fast-typing tech bloggers is almost as good

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Apple needs to wow the world with their "Let's Talk iPhone" event, but they won't be doing it live. There will be no streaming video of the event at Apple's Cupertino headquarters--1 p.m. Eastern time, 10 a.m. Pacific--but with an audience of fast-typing tech bloggers, tweeters and a stray camera or two, there are plenty of ways to mimic the experience. We're covering the event live with a quickly updated post on what you need to know about Apple's new iPhone adventures, but if you prefer the reverse chronological feed format, try these sources.

For Visuals
Engadget is already reporting from the ground with a pre-announcement video stream. When the event starts, they'll be liveblogging here, and they're already posting pictures of the headquarters.

For Snark
Gizmodo fired up their live coverage fairly early Tuesday morning with a Twitter-like stream of updates from several of their bloggers. They're also inviting readers to send in their thoughts and reactions.

For Quotes from Tim Cook
Ryan Block at gdgt is pretty much transcribing everything the Apple CEO is saying.

For the Twitter Experts
Robert Scobble's list of the most influential tweeters in tech will surely light up with instant reactions.

For a Dedicated Fanboys
MacRumors will be posting live updates on their site and devoted Twitter feed the event. However, if you don't want any spoilers, turn off all of your devices and check this post later in the day. MacRumors will post the video of the event when Apple makes it available.

For an Outsider Perspective
The traditionally Android-centric Slashgear is doing a "livecast". No clue if that means they'll try to post live video. In the past, illegal streams tend to get taken down pretty quickly.

For the Broadcast Experience
Try Vertex. They'll be covering the event with live video, talking head style. Again, they may or may not try to sneak some live shots from the announcement itself.

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