The Homey Touches in Twitter's New York Office

The San Francisco company just opened an East Coast outpost. It's cute as can be

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Thursday morning, Jack Dorsey more or less offered Mayor Bloomberg a job at Twitter's new New York City headquarters* on Madison Avenue. The two men flashed grins and the photographers flashed cameras. These kinds of headlines write themselves, and that's the point. Twitter employees have supposedly been working in New York for at least a year, hustling to build out the company's advertising business, while Mayor Bloomberg has been busking for the growing tech community. Twitter is the latest big company to invest in the city, which Dorsey says contains the most active community of tweeters in the world, and we're eager to see what happens as the company spreads their wings. In the meantime, we have a little bit of office envy.

Twitter is becoming increasingly well-known for a hyper personal, some would say homey culture. In fact, they employ Elizabeth Weil as "Head of Culture" to keep the mood consistently welcoming. To borrow The Wall Street Journal's words from a recent profile, Weil's job is "to make a rapidly expanding company feel small," and she does that, in part, by handmaking welcome cards on a letterpress in her garage for every incoming employee. For the employees moving to New York or being hired, she's been working hard to design an intimate environment. (Random fact: Facebook once had an office in the same space.) Twitter sent us some photos of the new digs and a few we borrowed from Weil who, appropriately, posted on Twitter.

There are comfy armchairs with cosy pillows.

There's also a wall full of handwritten tweets mailed from all over the world, not to mention a hand-drawn welcome sign.

There's also arts and crafts!

As well as custom-made mugs and those little candies your grandmother likes.

We think Mike B. would fit right in.

*Twitter's main headquarters are still in San Francisco. The new office is their East Coast headquarters.

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