Hacked! In the Magazine

The new issue of The Atlantic is out -- say it with me, SUBSCRIBE! The perfect gift! -- and it is really strong, in my view. As the past issue was too. And the one before that. And...

I have a long article in this issue about what I learned after my wife's Gmail account was hacked this spring, soon after we returned from a two-month stay in China. Six years' worth of her correspondence, records, and everything else was vaporized by someone most likely in Cote d'Ivoire or Nigeria.

At the end of the article I give the suspense-filled and heartwarming finale of her case, and I also say that I'll have some detailed tips on password construction and similar self-protective steps up in a special web dispatch. I will -- in a little while. For now, please use your time reading the other great stuff in this issue. And, if you use Gmail, please please please stop whatever else you're doing and take five minutes to install the "two factor" authorization system, which I've mentioned many times before. I just ranted at one of my colleagues here in the Atlantic HQ who has dragged his feet about installing it. ("But I use very strong passwords," he mewled in a plea against my wrath.) Don't make me come tell you one by one!

More on the ins and outs of passwordology soon.