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Nothing says "I'm superior" like kicking an opponent when he's down. So, not too surprisingly, iPhoners are tweeting smugly as BlackBerry users experience a fourth day of outages. The comedic timing really couldn't be any better, with all of Apple's big news lately. Here are some highlights of Twitter jabs. 

iPhoners can get in on the outage fun, too, explains magician James Freedman. 

Got an iPhone? Turn it into a virtual Blackberry by enabling airplane mode. 

Perhaps RIM planned the hiccup as a sign of respect for Steve Jobs, noted @Evil_dumbledore. 

Dear Blackberry, I think it's nice that you're honouring Steve Jobs' death with a 3 day silence

Hey, BlackBerry-ers, you can join the cool kids team, too, tweeted The New York Times's David Pogue. 

New app transfers your BlackBerry data (contacts, calendar, texts, etc) to an iPhone. Good timing much? David Pogue

But not all iHeads, like Hussein Ibish, had as  much sympathy for the downtrodden BBMers. 

If you have a blackberry, you deserve it. Unless it was forced on you by your work. Which it probably was. In which case, sympathies.

They couldn't get sympathy if they wanted to, anyway, comments The Atlantic Wire's Alexander Abad-Santos. 

Sympathy, there's no app for that. #blackberry

And even BlackBerry users aren't proud of their loyalties, explains The Washington Post's Alexandra Petri.  

By far the worst part of this #blackberry outage is that I have to admit I have a Blackberry.

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