The BlackBerry Outage Just Got Real

Not one of Arianna Huffington's three BlackBerry's work!

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The BlackBerry outages have spread to North America, as Reuters reports, and they're having some serious effects. "About to take off from Milan to Istanbul, and none of my three BlackBerrys are working! #blackberryoutage," tweeted Arianna Huffington. Huffington isn't the only one suffering without access to BBM and e-mail. Apparently the CNN staff is having a hard time, according to CNN correspondent Brooke Baldwin. "I tell ya... if I had a dollar for everyone I've talked to today with a blackberry that isn't working... #FrustratedCNNers #BlackberryOutage," she tweeted. And poor Hill staffers don't even know what to do with themselves: "Reports are trickling in of distressed Hill staffers pretending to look busy by staring at their hands. #blackberryoutage," tweeted HuffPostHill. How much longer can these high profile BBM-ers wait, or perhaps they'll just take this as the perfect opportunity to switch over to an iPhone 4S.

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