Biz Stone Apologizes for Spamming His Twitter Followers

The founder seems to have clicked one of the spammy bot that plagues his service

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Twitter founder Biz Stone just did a Twitter no no. He sent out a slew of spam-like Tweets to his followers asking if they'll support Ed Lee for San Francisco mayor, noticed Gizmodo. "Biz Stone, one of Twitter's founders and for a long time the public face of the company, just spewed hundreds of tweets asking people to endorse Ed Lee for mayor on Votizen. And while Twitter is a politically active company, and Ed Lee has a pretty dope mustache, we're pretty sure this was a bot-made accident." While Gizmodo reports "hundreds," we only see about a couple dozen. But the recipients include some big names like Kanye West and Katie Couric. Gizmodo pegged it as a spambot, but it turns out Stone just "clicked the wrong button," according to his Twitter. "Oops, I clicked the wrong button on Votizen. Sorry folks!"

It looks like Stone was fiddling around on the social network for voters with a new "Endorsements" feature, which lets users pick their favorite politician. Then, if they want, Votizeners can broadcast this choice on either Facebook or Twitter, manually typing names and then clicking a button before the messages go out. It's a bit of a process, making the whole ordeal pretty embarrassing for Stone, especially because he's an original investor in Votizen. You'd think a founder father of tweeting would know better.

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