Apple Products That Steve Jobs Fans Love the Most

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Earlier this week, Apple published a fan-made memorial to Steve Jobs, where Apple customers were invited to e-mail their thoughts and feelings on the deceased CEO so that they could be shared with the world (presumably after being vetted by the company, of course). Clearly, Jobs devotees love the products he made: nearly 20 percent of respondents mentioned specific Apple devices in their tributes. So blogger and programmer Neil Kodner decided to do a computer analysis on which words were mentioned how frequently. Included in his analysis was the number of times each major Apple product was mentioned. Thus, we can answer that burning question: For which products do Apple fanatics love Steve Jobs the most?

Charted above are the number of references to specific Apple products as found by Kodner. The product most often mentioned was the Mac with 2101 references found altogether, followed by iPhone, iPod, and iPad. (Alternate names for products under the Mac personal computer line, such as Macintosh, MacBook, and iMac, were groups under the "Mac" heading.) Those 2000s-era iDevices do pretty well against the Mac, first introduced in 1984 considering they have "been out a fraction of the time the Mac has been available," Kodner notes. After that we see people nodding toward several discontinued Apple products, like Apple II, Lisa, and LaserWriter (that's Apple's printer from the '80s), though many more current Apple products, like iTunes, Apple TV, and iMovies, get some love. Curiously, of the 33 mentions of Newton, Apple's personal assistant device from the 1990s, "only a handful of those were about the actual Apple product – most were comparing Steve Jobs to [Isaac] Newton himself," Kodner writes. The historical figure that Jobs was most often compared to? That would be Henry Ford, with 189 mentions.

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