Windows 8 Arrives, But Apple's Not Eclipsed Yet

As first reviews pour in for the new Microsoft system, debate begins about its ultimate effects

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The first hands-on glimpse of Windows 8, Microsoft's latest version of its legendary operating system. The reviews are out, and PC Magazine notes, there are a lot of them on Twitter.

Professional reviewers are weighing in, too, beyond the question of whether this marks the death of Flash, to take up what the system feels like to use. The new suite is "radically different," according to ABC News, which gave the new program a glowing write-up.

Some see a major rivalry coming with Apple. Windows 8 is designed to work on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Will that mean that Windows will now see as frequent tinkering and updates to its mobile product line as users have received from Apple? A good question.

International Business Times administers a splash of cold water. At least for the time being, the publication writes, the market for tablets and operating systems thereon belongs to Cupertino, not Redmond. Apple's dominance with the iPad is so great that rumors of an iPad 3 have been "shut down," this piece notes. Why rush one to market when the iPad 2 is still flying off the shelves as-is.

Windows 8 may be radically different, but it will have to trigger radical changes in consumer preference to change the current balance of power for the tablet market.

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