Tumblr Lands $85 Million In Fresh Funding

A slew of investors are backing the blogging service

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Social blogging platform impressed the part of the world that is impressed by tech financing with an eye-opening $85 million in fresh capital. As The New York Times Bits blog reported, Tumblr received fresh financing to the tune of $85 million from a slew of investors. Which, The Times says, will add to their currently $40 million in prior funding. TechCrunch has more from the press release, which touts a lot of impressive growth statistics. While still small compared to one other enormous social-networking site, 13 billion pageviews a month seems pretty impressive:

This year alone, we’ve grown from 2 to 13 billion pageviews a month, with tremendous international adoption. Mobile pageviews have increased 17 times during that period. And the 30 million blogs on Tumblr now generate more than 40 million posts per day, passing 10 billion total posts just two weeks ago.

This year our little team has grown from 15 to 50, and it is incredibly important to us that we work with partners who understand our vision and share our ambition to build the best platform for the most creative people in the world.

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