Not All That Surprising: Malware Victims More Likely to Get Mugged

If you get lots of computer viruses, you might want to watch your wallet

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It turns out that cybercrime has a lot of correlations with street crime--at least the victims do. According to statistics in a fresh report from the cyber security firm Norton victims of cybercrime are twice as likely to be victims of real world crimes like mugging, robbery, and violence. Lifehacker talked to Norton internet safety advocate Marian Merritt about why and she said, "Clearly these people aren't taking enough care in their real-world interactions and it carries over in their online world." Cybercrime is broadly defined in the study and includes anything from a phishing attack to identity theft. It's worth considering that Norton's survey of nearly 20,000 people showed that two out of three people are cybercrime victims which makes us believe that that the numbers are pretty broad. It's also worth considering that Norton sells anti-cybercrime software.

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