Nintendo's Getting Sued Over the Wii

The makers of the Wavit Remote claim they patented the technology first

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The patent wars march on. The makers of the Wavit Remote, ThinkOptic, are suing Nintendo, claiming they held the patents for the Wii technology, reports TechCrunch. "The rejection of [...] applications--assigned to Nintendo Co. Ltd.--based on the ’116 patent is proof that the Nintendo defendants knew or should have known of the objective risk that one or more of their products infringed at least one claim of at least the 116 Patent," said ThinkOptic in its complaint. The company cites patents for "Electronic equipment for handheld vision based absolute pointing system;" "Handheld Device for Handheld Vision Based Absolute Pointing System;" and "Handheld Vision Based Absolute Pointing System," asserting that Nintendo knew its technology would infringe on these patents.

From the looks of the patent drawings, the Wii does look similar to this invention.

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