Michael Arrington Has a New Blog Already

His first post--which promises he'll do the same thing he did at TechCrunch--got lots of comments

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As promised, TechCrunch founder and recent defector Michael Arrington launched his new blog, Uncrunched, over the weekend. Aside from the TechCrunch green-tinged banner image at the top showing Arrington's "Unpaid Blogger" T-shirt, Arrington's new blog doesn't look a thing like his old one. But according to his first full post--Arrington launched the blog with a three-word post, "Here I Am"--the blog's content is very much going to resemble what Arrington wrote about at TechCrunch. Arrington answers the question his post title askes, "What exactly am I doing here at Uncrunch?":

I'm going to do the same thing I've been doing since 2005. I'm going to write about startups, and the people who build them, and the people who fund them, and the people who use them. I'm going to break stories and I'm going to write my opinion, and I'm going to write whatever the hell else I feel like in between. If people want to read what I write, yay. If they don't, I can live with that too.

The post closes with a round up of Arrington's thoughts on transparency, truth, and bias. As TechCrunch itself points out, in the absence of more content from Arrington, the comments are the most interesting part of Uncrunched so far. At the time of this posting, the announcement post had pulled in over 500 comments since it went up on Friday afternoon, and the follow-up post had over 200 since it went up Sunday. As a point of comparison, only one post on TechCrunch--a comments-powered Android giveaway--pulled in more than 100 comments.

In the wake of the conflict of interest controversy that led to his departure from TechCrunch, Arrington's new posts are a magnet for old TechCrunch fans tipping their hats to the ousted editor and chatting with each other about what to expect. Plenty of people also chimed in about their disdain for AOL. Fellow big-time tech blogger Robert Scoble turned to his platform of choice, Google+, with his thoughts on Arrington's new blog. "One thing I'm bummed about is that he didn't do something really disruptive," writes Scoble. However, with the quick and enthusiastic reception from readers, Arrington's billing his posts at Uncrunched as a replica of his former blogging at TechCrunch seems pretty disruptive. Conflict of interests notwithstanding, the enthusiastic response from readers--not to mention the similarity in the name--suggests that he'll be competing with TechCrunch for eyeballs and relevance. It seems only fitting that, according to a Foursquare check-in, Arrington wrote his first full Uncrunched post from a castle on top of a cliff.

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