Fake Polls Aren't as Funny as Fake Grammar Tips

The creators of @FakeAPStylebook have sequel: @FakePewResearch

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Hoping to ride out the success of their beloved Twitter handle @FakeAPStylebook, the creators of the faux account have started a spinoff feed @FakePewResearchreports Poynter. As the name suggests the account pokes fun at Pew Research stats with Tweets like "78% of you are reading this right now." The handle already has 2,796 followers after just eight hours and five tweets (FakeAPStyle's at almost half a million), but if the creators want to score another book deal, they're going to have to do better than riff off of the ole "70 percent of all stats are made up" knee-slapper we all heard circa 7th grade. So far, that's what the feed looks like. But maybe the entire English language is easier to work with than statistics?

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