Facebook's Subscribe Button Negates the Need for Twitter

Facebook is finally giving up on the primacy of friendship with the launch of the "Subscribe" button. Now, instead of being stuck with the option of adding someone as a friend, you can subscribe to their updates. (Just what Facebook users need: another button to express ambiguous feelings and desires.) The feature is opt-in, more complicated than it sounds, and yes, a lot like Twitter. Adding a subscribe button to your profile is dead simple. Just go to this page and click the green button. You'll then be prompted choose who will be able to comment on your posts to subscribers; "Friends of Friends" is the default. Now whenever you post something publicly on Facebook, the update will be sent to your subscribers as well as your friends. A "Subscribers" link will pop up on the lefthand side of your profile, where you can then tweak various setting like who's allowed to subscribe to your updates, who's allowed to comment and what prompts notifications.

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