Facebook Stole the Celebrity Keynote Cameo from Apple

Andy Samberg posed as Mark Zuckerberg at f8--just like Noah Wyle posed as Steve Jobs in 1999

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Andy Samberg surprised the crowd at f8 by posing as Mark Zuckerberg. He made a few jokes and basically parroted some lines from his Saturday Night Live skits. Just after announcing a fake new feature called "slow poke," which is like a real poke except for a "you get two days to withdraw," the real Zuckerberg walked out, Samberg asked him for a billion dollars and Zuckerberg asked if it was for weed again. As Mediagazer's Megan McCarthy pointed out, the whole stunt is a looks a bit like Noah Wyle standing in for Steve Jobs at MacWorld 1999. Zuckerberg standing on stage, sweating a little already, made it immediately clear that he has a long ways to go to reach Jobsian charisma.

Samberg is definitely less of a look-a-like.

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