Discomfort Sure to Follow with Facebook Defriend Finder Feature

With Timeline you can see who has defriended you throughout all time

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The days of guilt-free defriending have passed. With Facebook's new Timeline Facebookers can see bygone friends, discovered BuzzFeed. Not only does this ensure discomfort on all future nixings, but since it shows all defriendings throughout all time, there's past defriendings to worry about, too. It takes a bit of sleuthing but Gizmodo's Sam Biddle explains how it works.

It's extremely easy. In Timeline view, all you need to do is navigate to a particular year of your life. Say, 2010. In that year, I made 51 friends, Facebook told me. I can click that number and see a list. Great! I'm still friends with almost all of them, which Timeline notes.

Except next to a few names, I have the option to "Add Friend." This means I was friends with the person in 2010 (or whichever year in the past), but not anymore. If you weren't the one who axed them, this is proof the person unfriended you between then and now.

Get ready for an inbox full of messages from scorned friends.

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