CBS Erased 'What's Trending' After That False Steve Jobs Death Tweet

One false tweet cost an online show its relationship with CBS News

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Falsely tweeting about the death of Steve Jobs is a very bad way to build news-gathering credibility. And not going into full damage control mode after said death tweet will get your show axed. Over the weekend, The Hollywood Reporter noted that CBS News had quietly killed off its partnership with Shira Lazar's online show What's Trending for the Steve Jobs death tweet that rippled through the news ecosystem on Friday. It wasn't until Monday morning that most people started noticing that the site had disappeared. According to The Reporter:

CBS News executives moved quickly on Friday to oust Lazar and What’s Trending from its web site, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Executives informed CBS Interactive to remove from all material related to Lazar and What’s Trending.

A quick Google-inspection proves the Reporter correct, a search for "What's Trending" now just leads to the official Facebook page, but Lazar's personal site still has a guide to clips she produced for CBS here.

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