Audi's New Driverless Car Has Wi-Fi, Lacks Door Handles

The A2 concept introduced at the Frankfurt auto show looks much slicker than Google's robotic hybrids

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The new all-electric Audi A2 concept looks like it's straight out of Demolition Man--or Minority Report or Total Recall or any of those other futuristic movies with cars that drive themselves. Just unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the snub-nosed hatchback is designed to take over driving duties in heavy traffic, leaving the driver with the freedom to explore a seemingly endless list of entertaining and effort-free features "like full Wi-Fi capability … as well as a touch pad that takes over other baleful tasks, like flashing one's high beams, operating the windshield wipers and finding a decent radio station," to borrow Jerry Garret's description at The New York Times's Wheels blog. Unlike Google's clunky-looking driverless hybrids, this Audi has the smooth lines and light-up sides we've come to expect from cars of the future. It's got everything--as a number of car bloggers have pointed out--everything except door handles. You just move your hand in front of a sensor, and the car opens the door for you.

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