Amazon Introduced Better Online Deals Than Groupon

Putting deals on the Kindle makes buying dangerously easy

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Just when it looked like everybody was getting sick of daily deals, Amazon steps in to suck you back in to instant discount shopping. Today, Amazon announced plans to expand Amazon Local to its Special Offer Kindle (i.e. a regular Kindle that's $25 cheaper but shows a bunch of ads) by displaying and delivering bargains between reads, reports Techland's Chris Gayomali. "Their Groupon-like local deals service--Amazon Local--will soon be coming to their ad-supported Kindles when the devices are idle." In addition to finding flash-deals online, you will also see offerings splashed across your Kindle screen. While you might be over other deals sites, Amazon's latest efforts will get you back into the daily deals game.

People are overwhelmed by daily deals sites-- so many emails!--but, Amazon's latest expansion makes sure not to alienate buyers. The key: there's no email involved; the deal comes on your Kindle. Not only does that make it more appealing to buyers, but it gives them an edge continues Gayomali. "Using their dedicated e-reader to funnel their deals site gives them a powerful distribution stream that competitors like Groupon, LivingSocial or even Google Daily Deals just don't have"*

Maybe you find an add nagging you as you read just as irritating as receiving half off botox offerings in your inbox. But Amazon will only proposition those with Special Offers Kindles, which already have ads. People who have invested in this device have already signed up for ads and presumably don't mind, explains The Next Web's Matt Brian. "With Amazon customers already happy to receive advertising on their slightly-subsidised Kindle e-readers, the Internet retailer is set to introduce its own AmazonLocal Daily Deals service to the device, allowing users to receive special offers simply by looking at their Kindle screensaver." And, as he points out, it only shows up during reading off-hours.

Putting deals on the Kindle also targets just the right audience: Bargain hunters. The Specials Offer Kindle is a discounted device, subsidized by ads. These are the exact people Amazon wants to see its deals, explains TechCrunch's Chris Velazco. "By releasing the Kindle with Special Offers, Amazon has already managed to target a presumably well-read audience who have made it known that they enjoy a bargain." It also doesn't hurt that the device is already synched up to a credit cards, add Gayomali. "You won't need to manually enter a credit card number for each purchase." It's really a one-stop shop: after you've bought the deal you just flash you Kindle and you're done.

Other sites have mobile apps, where you can buy and use coupons remotely, sans email, but Amazon's makes the entire process seemless, making it much more attractive to us bargain hunters. Alas, it comes as no surprised that Amazon would make shopping better, that's what they're best at after-all points out Gayomali. "Amazon is unrivaled when it comes to making the buying process dangerously easy."

Correction: This story originally quoted LivingSocial and Amazon as competitors. Amazon and LivingSocial actually possess a "strategic relationship" in the daily deals space.

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