Samsung's New Laptop Looks a lot like Apple's MacBook

Lawsuits won't stop the tech company from borrowing design aesthetics from its rival

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Samsung may have gotten in trouble for borrowing some design aesthetics from Apple before, but that's not stopping them from looking to the successes of Apple's beloved MacBook for its latest laptops, the Series 7 notebooks. Samsung dropped the computers today. For those looking to avoid conforming to Apple to the tune of $2,000, these latest devices have a lot of that Mac loveliness for way cheaper.

Like Apple's pretty silver MacBook, the Series 7 has a sleek look. "The Series 7 is a well-designed laptop--it looks like a cross between the HP Envy and the MacBook Pro.... They’ve got aluminum finishes, backlit keyboards, and some fast-boot technology,"  explains This Is My Next's Joanna Stern. The "aluminum finish" and "backlit keyboards" are no accident argues Gizmodo's Sam Biddle. "But, undeterred, they're dropping the new Series 7 notebook, with wonderfully thin bezel, Apple looks, and great specs." Speaking of Apple-like, Samsung has also taken a Mac-esque minimalist approach, notes Engadget's Michael Gorman. "Those displays are surrounded by a minimalist bezel, which allowed Samsung to stuff a 14-inch panel into a 13-inch chassis." The big panel even makes it almost as big as the 15 inch MacBook pro continues Gorman.

But not only does the outside have that MacBook sheen, the insides work pretty well, too. "Underneath all that brushed aluminum are some pretty damn good guts for the price: a 2.2-GHz Core i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, a 750 GB (mechanical) harddrive, AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics, and two USB 3.0 ports," gushes Biddle.

There is one aspect that Samsung doesn't rip from Mac: The price. "For $1,300? Very nice," Biddle writes. "It may be a MacBook ripoff, but I'd like to see Apple ripoff that price."

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