A Quarter of Toddlers Have Used a Smartphone

Mom and dad are learning to use their iPhones as babysitters

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Last week we highlighted some data that indicated, among other things, the ever increasing popularity of smartphones. 15 percent of those surveyed said they own a cell phone that isn't a smartphone today, and only 6 percent said they would buy a "dumb"-phone in the future.

But here's perhaps a better statistic on the far reach of smartphones today: 25 percent of toddlers have used one in their short lives, according to data from the Parenting Group provided to Ad Age. That roughly corresponds to the percentage of mothers who themselves own smartphones--which, of course, makes sense. Another study from earlier this year found that 19 percent of toddlers are able to open an application on a smartphone while 9 percent could tie their shoes. Adults who freak out at how precocious kids are with technology can take some solace in this, though: toddlers are still more likely to know how to swim or ride a bike than use a smartphone. For now.

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