Mark Zuckerberg Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs the Best He Can

The Facebook founder tips his hat to the Apple visionary, just as you'd expect he would

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If people are calling Steve Jobs the Thomas Edison of the 20th-century, they may soon call Mark Zuckerberg the Steve Jobs of the 21st-century. Accordingly, after Apple founder stepped down as yesterday, Zuckerberg sang his praises using the social satisfaction tool he knows best: the Like button. This means that Jobs is now in Zuck's social graph, ranked among his many diverse interests, nestled right between "Brogramming" and "In-N-Out Burger." The page that Zuckerberg liked was the Jobs topic page on Facebook that only has Jobs' Wikipedia entry. As of this writing, along with Zuckerberg, 185,958 people like Steve Jobs, too. On Facebook, at least. Here's a larger version of what's on Zuckerberg's wall right now:

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