I Am a Loyal Gmail User, but This Is Pretty Damned Funny

An online ad for Microsoft's Office 365, mocking "The Gmail Man" for his all-directions intrusiveness. ("He's got his nose in every colon...") In case you haven't seen it already, worth a look.

This is notable in its own right simply because it is funny. As a reminder of what a change it represents, think back to the excruciating (square-even-by-my-standards, so-earnest-you-think-it-MUST-be-an-Onion-style-parody)  "Windows 7 Launch Party" videos the company was putting out just two years ago, below. Also, Google should have its wits about it enough to realize that an environment in which it is the subject of amusing ads is better than it being too all-dominating. 

As advertised several times before, I do have a big article about cloud security, involving Gmail and other services, coming up soon in the magazine. Sometime soon, before it comes out, I'll pass along a few "better safe than sorry" tips I've learned.