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Just when we thought robots might have finally one-upped humans (remember when an IBM bot slaughtered Ken Jennings?), they go ahead and prove their ultimate silliness. Showing just how far robots have to go before they get all Planet of the Apes on us, researchers at the Cornell Creative Machine's Lab had two chat-bots have a conversation with one another. The video's gone viral today. Watch the hilarity (or maybe it's philosophical genius?) below.

For those who fear the eminent takeover of artificially intelligent things, chat-bots, along with Cornell's Creative Machine's other projects, should reaffirm your faith in humanity's superiority. Watching their robots try and act like humans shows that they really aren't much like people at all. They're way too silly to take over the world.

Take this "walking" robot, also featured on Cornell's site. So goofy!

Or this self-replicating bot. Mesmerizing, but more like a huge geek-out than anything harmful.

Or, this gripper. Most definitely useful, but kind of just a glorified bean bag.

We say, super-computer say what? While chat-bots are still having a very awkward convo, we're not going to worry about it. 

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