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Larry Summers, a former Harvard President, made waves Wednesday for calling Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss "assholes" at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech Conference. Well, the notoriously litigious Winklevoss twins have responded to the remarks with a letter to the current Harvard President, Drew Faust, according to The New York Observer. Quick recap: the Winklevii wrote a letter (noticing a theme yet?) to Mr. Summers while they were attending Harvard about Mark Zuckerberg stealing Facebook, and then they had a terrible meeting with Mr. Summers that was reenacted in The Social Network. Summers was speaking at a conference Wednesday and said they "had a certain swagger" and "were wearing a tie and jacket on Thursday afternoon at three o'clock" and therefore were "assholes." 

The latest letter is pretty low on zingers. They could learn the art of crafting a good news bite from Summers. They accuse him of insulting "any undergraduate who chooses a particular form of attire." The Winklevii call Summers "tactfully challenged" and say they were put off by his "scorn for a genuine discourse on deeper ethical questions, Harvard’s Honor Code, and its applicability or lack thereof." In what amounts to telling on one teacher to another teacher long after they've graduated, they request that Faust "address this unprecedented betrayal of the unique relationship between teacher and student."

Winklevoss Narendra Open Letter to Harvard University President Faust

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