What, If Anything, Should We Do on Google+?

As I settle into Google+ and start to poke around, I've been impressed by what I've seen, as you've read here. But that's for me as an individual. What about media entities like The Atlantic Technology Channel or The Atlantic, itself? Google isn't allowing institutions into the closed beta, but they will eventually, and then what? I posed the question on Google+ itself and was really impressed by the depth and range of responses. If you're a heavy Facebook or Twitter user, you'll be shocked by the average length of an answer. It's really remarkable how much effort some people put into their G+ responses, much more Quora-like than any social networking site I've seen.

Right now, I'm still not sure what approach we're going to take. I'm somewhat enamored with the idea that we'd develop a group of hardcore collaborators with whom we share our possible stories as we go into our morning meeting. They'd serve as an alternate online morning meeting -- suggesting interesting angles or better ideas -- and in return, they'd get a sneak preview into the process. Our newest Atlantic Tech writer, Becca Rosen, suggested that it might make sense for us to use G+ privately, too, as a way to share information and ideas. I like that, too.

If there's something specific you think we should do on the platform, let me know, even if that's to stay the hell away from it. And if you want an invite, I have those too, so just let me know.