Want to Watch 50 Hours of Mindless YouTube Video?

This is what happens when YouTube loosens its time limits for uploads

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Last December, YouTube bestowed its most loyal users with the ability to upload videos longer than 15-minutes. "Your creativity isn’t bound by a time limit, so why should your video uploads be?" read the company blog.  In a flash, a select number of users were given the insanely generous gift of uploading 10-hour-long videos at will. So what kind of uninhibited creativity flows from this kind of utopian decree? Sigh... As Blame it on the Voices points out today, the results are, well, interesting:

Justin Bieber getting shot with machine gun fire for 10 hours Taken from his cameo appearance on CSI, this YouTube user spliced in footage of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keanu Reeves, James Franco and Tyrese in various action-movie roles annihilating young Bieber with heavy automatic weaponry.

"Epic Sax Guy" plays for ten hours With super cool specs and a stunning array of pelvic thrusts, Epic Sax Guy just doesn't stop jamming on the saxophone. The video is posted as a kind of contest to users who can withstand watching the whole thing. For some, "it's not a challenge when you actually enjoy every second of it," writes cramulh4o.

Head bobbing for 10 hours From the infamous SNL Night at the Roxbury skit, the car scene with Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan and Jim Carey bobbing heads marches forward with undying enthusiasm.

A cartoon cat flies through space for 10 hours In perhaps the most irritating of entries, the flying rainbow Poptart cat known as Nyan Cat, which briefly became hacker group LulzSec's calling card, flies in space as the brain-crushing jungle of "yum yum yum" rings through the air.

Cows dancing for 10 hours In an aptly titled video "Cows & Cows & Cows," this marathon music video employs CGI cows who demonstrate a range of psychedelic dance moves to an unsettling techno beat. If you watch beyond the one-minute mark, the cows morph into spiders to create giant spider cows.

Not tired yet? (If you've watched these videos all the way through, you've been up straight for two days.) If you want to see all that YouTube's 10-hour video library has to offer, click here.

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