For the Low Price of $99, You Could Be the Next Barack Obama

Just what the Internet

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The Double Rainbow man, also known as Paul Vazquez (you know the guy , who reached Internet superstar status via his viral YouTube video) is running for president. On Facebook. A new service called Votocracy,  reports Mashable, promises that "anyone with the passion to run for president--including you--can get involved, get heard, and attract supporters from all across the country...without political experience or big financial backers." All for just $99. This is starting to sound like an infomercial.

Politics has long attracted narcissists like moths to a flame. And there is no shortage of narcissists on the Internet. Luring presidential wannabes to pay a fee to indulge their delusions of grandeur may be this year's most evil genius business plan.

Come November, one official Votocracy candidate will be chosen via online primaries in each state. The finalists will then compete in a televised race for the coveted spot. Let's check in on why Vazquez, who is best known for pondering the meaning of two rainbows dancing across the sky, thinks he should be president.

Now, compared to the $8,100 you would have to spend to get your name on the ballot in all 50 states, Votocracy's $99 fee is a bargain for bargain candidates. And potential candidates don't even have to pay the $99 themselves. If they pay the intro rate of $1, they can then raise the rest of the money by getting supporters to "Like" their Facebook page. By tapping combining ego and technology, Votocracy may have created a quite profitable app.
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