It's Time to Cool It with the Shaky iPhone 5 Rumors

At least one tech writer has been pushed over the edge by excessive speculation

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Monday morning, a new batch of iPhone 5 rumors arrived at Boy Genius Report. If you've been following the serialized drama about the next generation of the Apple's Tricorder-like device, the revelations will seem pretty incremental. BGR's Jonathan S. Geller reports that Apple will release a redesigned iPhone 5, continue to sell the iPhone 4 and also offer a prepaid model priced for $350 that might actually be a regular old iPhone 3GS, "finally giving the company a full range of devices in the lower, mid, and high-end price segments." You should consult our guide to iPhone 5 rumors if anything besides that 3GS detail comes as a surprise.

Sascha Segan at PC magazine seems neither surprised nor impressed by this endless iPhone 5 guessing game. In fact, he seems completely fed up:

The new iPhone will be called the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S, and it will come in one, two, or three models, with one being a smaller, cheaper device, or not. It will have NFC, unless it doesn't. It will be slimmer, or not, and have an edge-to-edge screen, unless that's not true. That new phone will come out in AugustSeptember, or 2012.

Is this nonsense of any value to anyone?

I'm getting physically sick of the nonstop iPhone rumor mill, which is spewing out contradictory information on a daily basis at this point. Between the end of February and now, we've published 35 iPhone 5 rumor stories, many of which directly contradict each other, almost all of which are based on dead-end, anonymous sources or on very tenuous leaps of logic. My editor even forced me to put an iPhone 5 rumor slideshow in this story!

"Physically sick?" "Spewing?" (Gross!) Segan goes on to devote about 1,500 words drilling into the difference between rumors and reports, with a heady dose of criticism pointed at his fellow tech bloggers. The irony of his writing a post for PC magazine about abundant coverage of Apple products is not lost on us, but Segan makes some strong points about the use of anonymous sources and "empty rumormongering." What's more is that Segan's post predates Monday's latest round of rumors by 72 hours yet fairly deftly anticipates BGR's report. Segan concludes his rant about iPhone coverage with an honest request for three sources to stand behind each new rumor round. We're guessing his head exploded when he saw BGR only includes one.

Some people love Apple rumors, though. For that set, the Korea Times reports that Apple is working with Samsung and LG on a new LCD that is rumored to be the centerpiece of a new iPad model. That report also stands on the shaky stilt of one anonymous source.

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