#DearNetflix: Twitter Rebels Against Price Hikes

Subscribers don't like having to pay 60% more for the service they already have

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Yesterday, Netflix announced price hikes. Today, Netflix users led a Twitter revolt. Instead of $9.99 for unlimited streaming and mail-order DVDs, you now pay $15.98, a 60 percent price hike, if you want to both receive movies in the mail and watch online. Subscribers, unsurprisingly, don't like these changes. So day 2 of the great Netflix Markup Madness has largely occurred on Twitter, where angry Netflix subscribers are venting their feelings and coming up with their best insults of the service via the #DearNetflix hashtag.

Here's a look at the best digs at people's formerly beloved streaming-and-DVD-by-mail movie service.

  • Make fun of Netflix's selection by comparing it to old people.

  • Praise the formerly made fun of competition.

  • We are legion. 

  • Take cues from your last bad-breakup email.

  • Consider the alternatives.

  • Can you phrase your insight in the form of a question?

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