British Police: Yes, We Have the Real 'Topiary'

Despite speculation, British police "are not looking for anyone else" named Topiary

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British courts granted the London Metropolitan Police permission to hold the arrested hacker believed to be LulzSec spokesman Topiary for another three days on Friday. The tiny development in the much talked about arrest of the high-profile hacker comes after a day of speculation over whether British police may have been duped into arresting the wrong guy. According to Josesph Menn at the Financial Times, however, the Met is unconcerned:

Various foes of Lulz and Anonymous believed the important Topiary to be a 23-year-old Swede.

But the Scotland Yard spokesman expressed no doubts. Detectives “are not looking for anyone else in relation to the identity `Topiary’”, he told me.

The police did correct the suspect’s age to 18, from a previously stated 19. Whoever these hackers are, they seem to be getting younger and younger.

Meanwhile, said 23-year-old Swede is denying that he's Topiary. On to the next hacker conspiracy!
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