British Police Arrest a Top Anonymous/LulzSec Leader

Scotland Yard says they have "Topiary" in custody

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British Police have arrested a 19-year-old man that they identify as "Topiary," the spokesperson for Anonymous and LulzSec. According to a press release from Scotland Yard, authorities took Topiary into custody at a house in the Shetland Islands, and he's being transported to a London police station for questioning. The London Metropolitan Police said the arrest was part of "a pre-planned intelligence-led operation" that linked to DDoS attacks "against a number of international business and intelligence agencies. They're currently searching both the house in the Shetland Islands and a house in Lincolnshire.

Gawker called Topiary the "World's Most Wanted Hacker" in an interview last month. When asked whether he worried about getting caught, Topiary said, "Worrying is for fools!"

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