Fans Wonder if Apple Just Leaked a New Product on Its Own Website

Buzz about a product that uses their $50 cable

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Everybody got upset a couple of weeks ago when Apple released their fancy new Thunderbolt cable. First of all, people didn't understand why it took the company four months after announcing the new blazing fast connectivity standard just to release a cable. Second, Steve Jobs was charging a whopping $50 for the cable. And third, Apple didn't even make anything you could plug it into!

The furrowed-brow Apple fanboys must have cheered when for some odd reason, Apple posted some stray photos of a new display that uses the Thunderbolt technology. MacRumors found the images on Friday morning and pointed out how previous rumors about updates to the MacBook Pro line were apparently false. A tipster found a stray image of a new display model--as evidenced by the OSX Lion background--and quickly found several more that showed a laptop and what may be a new Mac Mini model connected to the display. It's out of character for the company to leak any information, of course.

In any event, the conversation quickly shifted to a different shiny new product. On Friday afternoon, Apple had updated the online Apple store to include new Thunderbolt-enabled iMacs with new processors, an HD FaceTime camera and faster graphics. There's still no mention of the new display, besides the pictures.

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