WikiLeaks MasterCard Protest Steers Donors to Assange's Private Fund

The "banking blockade" doesn't cover money he's raising to fight rape charges

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In protest of last year's decision by MasterCard, Visa and PayPal to stop processing donations to WikiLeaks, the secret-spilling organization has called on world governments to "investigate and de-license these banking institutions" noting that WikiLeaks lost an estimated $15 million in donations. But hold on potential donors, reads a statement on the WikiLeaks website today, there are still alternative methods to donate. "To find out further details on how to bypass the illegal banking blockade against us and donate to WikiLeaks read further information at the bottom of this page or on our donate page." While those instructions give information on how to send money directly to WikiLeaks via Bitcoin and bank transfer, the "donate page" sends readers to something else called the "WikiLeaks Legal Defense Fund."

As we've reported previously, potential donors should be aware that the WikiLeaks Legal Defense Fund does not directly support the activities of WikiLeaks. Instead it funds the legal defense of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose most pressing case is allegations of rape. While that distinction may not matter to some WikiLeaks supporters like filmmaker Michael Moore who believe the rape allegations are politically motivated, those exclusively concerned with the organization's mission of radical government transparency or uneasy with the allegations, may want to think twice before donating.

Here's the MasterCard parody video WikiLeaks released in conjunction with today's statement, which mentions his house arrest as increasing the WikiLeaks's costs of doing business.

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