Video of the Day: Dot's Panoramic iPhone Video Camera

Dot is the latest Kickstarter success story. With 19 days to go in its funding cycle, the project has raised nearly $89,000 at the time of this writing -- more than four times its stated goal of $20,000. With an app and a "stylish, durable and pocket-sized 360-degree" lens for the iPhone 4, Dot is a device that promises to allow customers to create their own panoramic videos.

Created by Kogeto, which the Next Web describes as "the world's most advanced panoramic video camera" company, Dot will also allow you to quickly and easily share your panoramic videos in real-time with your various social networking accounts. You will also be able to stream the videos online. The Kogeto team is excited:

Why? Because we're uber lazy, and we'd rather put down the camera and enjoy the party. We're making a bet you will too. (Not that we think you're lazy...)

But seriously, our secret beta testers have already had a lot of fun taking it to concerts, the park, on moped rides in Italy, and showing cramped apartments to mothers halfway around the world.

So? Well, up until recently it took major moolah and hefty gear to make a decent panoramic video. Now all you need is your phone and the world around you.

If you want one, you have just under three weeks to support the Kickstarter project. A $98 pledge will guarantee that you're one of the first people in the world with a Dot. Or you can drop $196 for two Dot cameras and an invite to the launch party.

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