Video of the Day: Apple's New TV Commercial Gets It Right

Flipping through a magazine on my way into the office this morning, I realized that Henry Blodget was exactly right when he wrote, over the weekend, that Apple's new television commercial is much better than that of the competition. I wasn't watching a TV, but I did come across a full-page, four-color glossy print advertisement for another tablet -- of course, these are everywhere at the moment as other brands try desperately to grab a piece of the market.

But they can't. Or at least they're really struggling. And how they market their products could be just one reason for that. While there was nothing wrong with the advertisement compositionally, the content was all off. It was an ad for the tablet, which is a device I don't need. I already have my smartphone on me at all times. I own four different laptops, both Macs and PCs. And I have a powerful desktop at my office that I work from. If I decide to purchase a tablet (instead of bogarting my boss' whenever I want to flip through a new app), it'll be because of the convenience it offers and the things I can do with it. It's because I want it.

And Apple gets that. In this, its latest commercial, you're not presented with product specifications. You won't even hear the words Apple or tablet or iPad. "Now, we can watch a newspaper, listen to a magazine, curl up with a movie and see a phone call," the deep-voiced narrator tells you. "Now, we can take a classroom anywhere, hold an entire bookstore and touch the stars. Because now, there's this."

"Unlike many tech companies, Apple understands that consumers don't buy 'technology,'" Blodget wrote at Business Insider. "They buy products that makes [sic] their lives easier and better. They buy products that look beautiful, are simple to figure out how to use, and then 'just work.' They buy products they love."

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